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What is Peoplemovers.com?

We're a free online network for people and organizations to work together to create healthy communities. Peoplemovers provides organizations, governments, businesses and people who care with a community-friendly environment to share information, build relationships and work together to build the "social capital" of their cities, towns and villages.

Who should join?

Peoplemovers is open to all individuals, schools, churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, organizations, businesses and governmental agencies that desire to help make their organizations and communities better places to live, learn, work and play for all. People and organizations that are committed to give their best should experience profound growth as they interact and build relationships with others in this community because the people and organizations connected here tend to be the most influential in their communities. These are the “Peoplemovers” who give and work to make their organizations, communities and the lives of others better. 

Who is Peoplemovers?

Peoplemovers – based in Detroit, Michigan - is the community engagement subsidiary of Cspace, Inc., an online network serving diversified market segments.  Helping people and communities is part of our “DNA” as the organization was originally founded in 2003 by Keith Zendler as a small grassroots community outreach program in the inner-city of Detroit. Our simple concepts for building relationships gradually evolved into a broad-based scope of networking, training, promotion, recognition and educational programs for communities.

In 2013, the decision was made to separate the Internet technology platform into "Cspace"at www.TheCspace.com to keep Peoplemovers focused on our community engagement mission.  So, Peoplemovers.com is now a network ON Cspace and you can have your own network that connects with us, too... make sense?   And better yet, Peoplemovers can help you set it all up so you can start engaging and mobilizing your stakeholders in a more powerful way. 

Keep connecting and getting to know us all here and you'll see why we're doing this and where it's going.  Get ready for making an impact where you live and around the world!

La Maison de la Paix
671 Edison St.
Detroit, Michigan  48202, United States

Contact Name: Keith Zendler
Contact Email: kzendler@peoplemovers.com
Phone: 313-865-1264
Website: http://www.peoplemovers.com
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Detroit, Michigan, United States

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